CryptoWeddings Smart Contracts


Extensive Testing
Over 60 tests and counting have been created for the smart contract ecosystem. Both unit and integration tests are performed using Truffle.
Contract Factory
WeddingManager creates new FlexibleWedding smart contracts whena user provides the data for the new contract along with the wedding fee.
FlexibleWeddding smart contracts can selfdestruct when certain conditions are met (divorce, wedding proposal rejection).
2 Party Agreements
Weddings and divorces require mutual consent
IPFS Integration
IPFS is used for storing wedding photos in a distributed manner.

Languages & Frameworks

Used for integration tests
Used for tests
Usedd as a basis for secure smart contracts

Immutable Programs... What are they Good for?

The idea of being able to get married no matter what your sexual orientation is or the local laws opinion on the matter seemed like a pretty good reason for a smart contract. Of course the main issue is not the technical challenge but the legitimacy. Perhaps one day, blockchain weddings will be recognized in some sort of capacity.