CryptoWeddings DApp


Smart Contract Interaction
ccesses smart contracts on both testnets and mainnet using contracts built to create wedding smart contracts. Fiances can marry, divorce, set/change a wedding photo, and receive wedding gifts.
Ethereum Address Detection
Detects Ethereum address in use in order to authorize an account to make changes to a wedding smart contract.
Event Detection
Uses smart contract events to dispatch notification in the DApp, such as when someone has started a wedding.
Fallback Web3 Provider
If no Web3 is provided through Metamask or some other provider, is used to view data.
Server Side Rendered
Rendered on node server

Languages & Frameworks

Used for client and server
Used for client
used for data and actions
Used for all async actions such as blockchain related functionality
Used for interacting with deployed smart contracts
Uses beta versino of material-ui to implement a reasonably good looking ui quickly
Ddeployed through kubernetes allowing scaling when needed

My First Personal Project Decentralized Application

While talking with my wife one night, we came up with this idea. She took care of the designs and I took care of the smart contracts, and DApp.

Great Practice

I built this during while I was working at Brickblock. A lot of the patterns that I decided to use, I eventually implemented in the Brickblock platform.

Mainnet Launch?

I might one day release this on mainnet... the DApp just never seems to be done and I always have some other new thing that I want to focus on :)