Cody Lamson

Full Stack Blockchain Developer

A Brief History of Cody

My interest in blockchain started with bitcoin sometime around 2013. I passively soaked in concepts relating to blockchain until about a year after ethereum came out. At this point I started to experiment with ERC20 tokens. Soon after, I landed my first blockchain gig as a freelance developer at Brickblock.

At Brickblock, I worked on the contract ecosystem required by the company. In the end I was responsible for something like 12 different smart contracts. These contracts were audited by several different auditors and no major bugs were found.

After Brickblock, I moved on to various smaller freelance blockchain projects for several years. Eventually I found myself at Porsche Digital Lab. I several experimental ethereum based projects there until I eventually left for Parity.

At Parity, I worked as an internal tools developer. I took my time there as an opportunity to better my rust skills and gain a more solid understanding of polkadot and substrate. I eventually left Parity to start working for myself.

I currently work for myself where I build various blockchain analytics tools as well as trading bots that operate on decentralized exchanges. Over the last several years of self employment I have gained a very detailed understanding of how the mempool works in ethereum/ethereum derived blockchains.

What languages do I Know (in order of competence)?

  1. golang
  2. solidity
  3. typescript
  4. javascript
  5. rust
  6. html
  7. css

What other stuff do I Know?

Links to some cool stuff I have built

Want to get in Touch?

I am not generally a very chatty person. If you have what you think is a very interesting project which leverages most of the skills listed above, then perhaps we can talk.

If you are a recruiter, DO NOT CONTACT ME. I am not interested in the shitty react project you are trying to offer me.

My CV: may or may not be up to date...

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